Harold Whitfield     

CEO / Founder of Veritas Gold, LLC  

Harold Whitfield a native of Chicago Illinois, attended Roosevelt University, Northeastern Illinois University and University of Southern California with an academic concentration in international finance, cinema and television.  Mr. Whitfield has worked for more than 25 years in the area of film and government addressing legislative issues impacting the media and the entertainment industry. He has worked with the Office of Motion Picture of Television in Washington, DC, served as contributing Health Editor, Producer for the Office of Cable Television, responsible for television programming for federal agencies which includes Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

 Mr. Whitfield envisioned the need for independent filmmakers to have access to all facets of capital structure.  As a result he founded Veritas Gold LLC.  A production company with the goal of raising capital, utilizing federal, state and foreign tax incentives, underwriting debt and equity deals for qualified for filmmakers and producers in the television and motion picture industry. This is made possible through our strategic partnerships and alliances with hedge funds, venture capital groups, investment bankers, high net worth individuals and congressional members.

Mr. Whitfield’s producer’s credit includes: “Cupid’s Guillotine”(2017), “Coming Home to War” (2015), “The Irregulars”, Borderland Jack’s Exodus (2014) and “Suburban Gangstas”. His acting credits include the movies: “Contact” (1997), “Syriana” (2005), “Taste of Desperation” (2009). 

Russell Williams II

Producer, Multiple Oscar and Prime Time Emmy Winner Distinguished Artist-in-Residence, American University SOC

With two Oscars® and two Prime-Time Emmys® on his mantle, Russell brings a unique blend of experience and know-how from a production background both above and below the line for more than 60 film and television productions. His behind the scenes work in movies included such classics as Dances With Wolves, Field of Dreams, Glory and Training Day

Knowing the business from the ground up, he brings the expertise to his work that few entertainment finance executives would ever have, — knowing exactly how each item on the budget is actually utilized versus just another line item entry and whether it is necessary.

Russell has been involved with film and television productions in many budget ranges and therefore can help his client’s appraise the merits of each project under consideration from both the creative and financial viewpoints. With this insider knowledge, he can use his personal network of relationships to weigh the tangible as well as the illusive intangibles that inevitably become a factor in all productions. 

Since moving back home in 2002, he has been very involved with the Weekend Masters Producing Program at American University in Washington DC where he has taught a very popular course in Independent Finance for Motion Pictures for the last eight years. In this course he covers such topics as S.E.C. Rules and Regulations, debt vs. equity strategies, distribution models and ways of customizing your business plans. Russell’s career began as a student at American University, graduating with a BS in Film, Art History and Literature. He worked for NBC Television before moving to Los Angeles in 1979. 

Jonathan Alvord
Producer, Editor, VFX

Jon Alvord a Film Editor with extensive experience in visual effects. He began his film career in 1987 as a Special Effects Make-up Artist studying under Academy Award Winners, Bill Tutlle and Dick Smith. His passion for editing grew from his film school experience at the University of Southern California; hence he left the world of make-up to become an Apprentice Editor at Concorde Pictures.

After becoming a member of the Editors Guild, Jon assisted on such films as Batman Forever and D3: The Mighty Ducks. Soon after, Jon was editing independent feature films (The Dangerous and Along The Way) as well as music videos, television shows and commercials. As the feature film industry began to utilize digital effects, Jon found a natural blend of his two primary film talents: visual effects and editing. 

In 1997 Jon became the Senior Avid Visual Effects Editor at Cinesite Digital Studios, Hollywood, he worked on projects such as Armageddon and Ali to Thirteen Days and X-Men; collaborating with many of Hollywood’s greatest artists and directors. 

After working in Hollywood for 15 years, he began editing numerous local and national commercials working on feature films, such as Spy Kids 3D, Sin City and Grindhouse, frequently immersing himself in the production process by creating pre-composites of the HD footage, while on set, to insure that the VFX elements would work in the post-production pipelines. 

Jon received recognition from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for his contribution to “Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Miniseries” on the Emmy Award Winning HBO series “John Adams”. His work has been screened at film festivals, and has won or been nominated for several awards. Most recently, Jon relocated to Savannah, GA to begin teaching post-production at The Savannah College of Art and Design.