“The Curve” (Pre-Production)

The concept of the Curve is “Melrose Place meets “The Paper Chase”. The Curve will take place in a fictitious prestigious law school with young and attractive students from all walks of life. The students are the temptation and the professors often get tempted. It is a closed and incestuous environment that people from the outside can only imagine. The characters live at an apartment complex that rents only to law students and professors. With these close surroundings, it’s inevitable that students are sleeping with each other and watching each other’s moves. 

(Scripted, Feature Film)

“The Lawyers” (In Development)

The host attorney will moderate a discussion of legal topics and everyday events with four other attorneys from different parts of the country. The guest attorneys will be broadcasted live from their respective locations throughout the country via live satellite downlinks in a Wolf Blitzer styled set.

(Reality/Talk Show format)